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We have more then 40 years model making experience, which started with building model aircraft in the 1970’s after collecting the tokens from cereal boxes. We now offer a full range of design, manufacturing, and custom building services.

HMS Royal Oak 1.5 meter long scale: 1:128

Commission Work

We are now providing a full range of design and manufacturing services including: Design and produce masters for mould making – Contract casting parts in resin & short run 3D printing – Design and produce brass etch parts

Model Railway Features

Model Railway Features offer a full range of railway kits and accessories for the discerning modeller.

Model railway items
HMS Royal Oak


Quaycraft is a well established model ship fittings brand offering a range of ships boats and fittings for large scale model.


FunToDo produce a range of high end resins for popular domestic and industrial 3D printers.  These resins have the lowest shrinkage rate of 0.5% compared to some which can shrink up to 3%.  We also provide other materials and printers.

Laser cut products

Laser cutting

Orkney Laser Gifts design and produce a range of gift items for the tourist markets and bespoke items for those special events.

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