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Hints & Tips

This page has been set up to give you guidence about working with resin and photo etch items, and safety tips when modelling.  Please ensure you read them fully as your health could be affected when using certain paints, glues and general dust from any modelling products be they our products or other manufactures.

Thank you for reading and enjoy your modelling.


Resin Parts.

When cleaning up resin parts a certain amount of dust will be created. Resin dust can be harmful so we recommend the use of a dust mask while performing this task. Think also of those around you by finding a suitable area for the job. Take similar precautions with any other substances such as adhesives and paints etc. Your kit may contain a number of small parts, which could be easily swallowed so keep these out of reach of small children and or animals.

Before assembly, gently wash all resin parts in warm (not hot) soapy water to remove any mould release agent, which may affect paints. Do not attempt to remove casting blocks from resin parts by snapping as this can often damage the part. For this task we recommend the use of a razor saw or similar tool. For best results use cyanoacrylate (super glue) for assembly. Two part epoxy glues may be of use for attaching larger parts.

Photo Etch.

When working with photo etch we recommended that you cut the parts off using either small cutters or sharp scissors, or a chisel edge blade in a suitable craft knife (using downward pressure onto some form of firm cutting mat). There may be part of the tag still attached so the use of a small fine file will normally work.  Remember that these parts will bend so it is advisable to hold the part in flat bladed pliers (using pliers with serrated areas will mark the brass), and file along the part rather than across it.

If the parts need to be folded place the part on a flat hard surface with the grove facing upwards, then using a straight edge lay it on the part against the grove.  Take a flat object and slide it under the furthest edge of the part from the grove, next lift the far edge up and bring it towards the grove to create a 90 degree (or whatever angle is required for that part) bend causing the grove now to be on the inside of the fold.

When fitting photo etch to any resin model part it’s always advisable to dry fit the parts together to ensure a good clean fit.  Once this has been achieved fixing the parts together is best done by using a two part epoxy glue for larger areas, or for fine detail / small parts the use of a thin super glue is recommended using the natural capillary action of the glue to flow between the parts.  This will reduce the parts becoming stuck to you and any possible damage to the fine detail of the photo etch.

Please Note.

With all resin cast parts there will always be a small amount of shrinkage and where possible we try to build in a small amount of overlap between parts.  This does mean you may need to undertake a small amount of dry fitting of parts prior to construction, but at this stage it does save time later trying to correct errors in the final kit using fillers that can cause loss of detail.

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