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Making Modelling Tools.

As modellers we are a resourceful bunch finding ways to use the tools we have, and if we do not have a tool for the job we normally find a way of making modelling tools.  So here's a few tool tips that I have created or found uses for other products.

A useful multi- function tool can be made by fixing a darning needle into a old ball point pen or by drilling a hole into a piece of dowel, and glue the needle in place with epoxy.

Another use for an empty ballpoint pen is a good tool for scoring fold lines and 'embossing' detail onto paper and card.

Finger nail filing boards have their uses, however you can make your own equivalents in a wider range of grits by glueing sandpaper to ice lollipop sticks.

Plastic lozenge trays (the type that has 10 or 12 trays about the size of a penny), as there make great paint pallets.  I use a lot of Vallejo Model Colours for my modelling be it railway or military / figures, as you can make lots of small amounts up without to much wastage.

A commodity that's becoming a little rare nowadays the 35mm film canister can be very useful, for storing small parts and the short term storage of small quantities of thinned/mixed paint.

Normal and reversed clothes pegs make useful clamps.

Always use a sharp blade for cutting but keep some old ones around for jobs like scraping off mould lines.   You're less likely to do damage with a new sharp blade than you are with an older one because you won't need as much force to cut.

Thin paper, such as cigarette paper, is easier to cut without tearing if it's sandwiched between two sheets of ordinary paper first.

As always, if you have any questions about our tips please feel free to email them to me and I will be pleased to assist you.  Also feel free to email me yours and I will be please to add them to this section of the website.

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